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Optixxx April 15, 2004 18:00

Different Starting temperatures in a Solid
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Problem: I have a Solid(Brick,Retangle)and want to simulate a "inner heat transfer" (conductional) with different located starting temperatures over time...letīs say we have a linear increase of temp in x-direction, rightside (x=0mm,T=273K)and leftside (x=100mm,T=373K)

I read that the domain must be patched,ok. My question is, it possible to input the linear temp function by custom field function or is there a cell-based-udf needed, and then ,if someone can show me that udf source

I would be happy about any help

cheers Optixxx

Evan Rosenbaum April 16, 2004 12:25

Re: Different Starting temperatures in a Solid
If I read this right, you are looking to initialize a transient problem. If you have a linear gradient through an isotropic material, just set your boundaries to fixed temps and do an initial steady-state run.

Optixxx April 17, 2004 21:10

Re: Different Starting temperatures in a Solid

No,that is not what i mean...i want to simulate inner temperature balancing of different starting temp regions in a solid. Letīs say you have a Hamburger which is hot on the left side and still frozen on the right side and you stop the outer energy.Which temp distribution occurs over what time.A linear temp decrease is just an example,maybe i want also to input another function ...basically is should be T(K)=f(x)

Hope this was lille clearer...question is,is a udf needed or just works with a custon-field-function.Problem T is K and x is mm or m.


Evan Rosenbaum April 19, 2004 12:53

Re: Different Starting temperatures in a Solid
I'm pretty sure you will need a UDF.

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