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Chetan April 20, 2004 11:25

shock wave propagation

I am trying to model shock wave propagation in 2D using an inviscid, coupled implicit solver, at Mach 2.01.

I have set the boundaries with pressure far field conditions. The outlet boundary is 17.5 lengths away from the object for the shocks to capture fully on the lower boundary.

I need the shock waves from a wing section to reach a distance of 8 section lengths below the object.

Most of the times it works, but on some occasions I find that on the plot of absolute pressure, the last contour of the set of shock waves captured (i.e. the last contour from the tail shock), is attached to the outlet boundary of the domain.

The contour has been split in between the object and the lower boundary. It then connects to the outlet boundary at an angle.

Guess work sometimes gets rid of it, by extending the boundary, but it would be good if I had a real solution.

I would appreciate any help towards this problem. I could email the image if this helps explain the problem better.



Nandu April 20, 2004 14:45

Re: shock wave propagation
An image would be helpful. Also is the outlet boundary a pressure based boundary?

I am at the the Flow Research Unit (, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Most of our work is in transient and steady compressible flow.

cheers Nandu menon

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