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Karthick April 27, 2004 02:23

Species Transport model Vs discrete phase
Hello all

We are using discrete phase coal particles. We want to include the ultimate analyis for the coal particles. As per the user's guide, we converted the ultimate analysis into chemical compound and we found that the chemical formula is C7H8O. I've given the chemical reaction for this coal with oxygen. Whether I have to give this as surface reaction or volumetric?

I'll tell you the problem briefly. Can u please suggest me what model is preferable?

We are trying to do coal gasification model. We are sending Coal as discrete phase(ultimate analysis of coal values are known). We have to send air and steam from the bottom. We are having around 7 reactions for which we know the arrhenius constants and rate exponents. Is it preferable to use EDC or eddy dissipation model? Since it is a particle surface reaction, in what way I have to give the chemical reaction?

Regards Karthick

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