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Giang T Vu April 29, 2004 07:38

How Fluent compute slip velocity in cavitation?
Hi! Has anyone had experience with cavitation modeling? My problem is to model a cavitating nozzle flow but I don't know how fluent compute the slip vcelocity between vapor and liquid phase since there's no requirement of inpute value for drag coefficient or somthing else. Can you help me or where can I find it out? Besides, I couldn't simulate the model if the outlet pressure drop below the bubble pressure since Fluent handle this phenomena with limited sucess, Have you any idea abt this? Thanks alot. Giang T Vu.

ROOZBEH May 5, 2004 04:42

Re: How Fluent compute slip velocity in cavitation
Hi; IN the same manner that calculate slip velocity for mixture flow without cavitation. But you need not turn on slip velocity for cavitation modelling. This is a suggestion in software documantation and other papers about cavitation.

For cavitation modeling, you should start with a noncavitating condition like a high pressure outlet or a low velocity inlet. Then decrease pressure or increase velocity slowly during some time steps. You should not try with steady calculation, for a steady case, you should work with unsteady calculation until reach a steady case in a time.

You should not work with fluent 6.0 or lower. You should work with fluent6.1 to get a converged solution and realastic results

Hope this help you


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