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bob April 30, 2004 05:11

problem withcontinuity residual
I have a questions.

First I did simulation and was monitoring the residuals. Contuinty equations reached 10^-5 and epsilon and k recahed 10^4 after say 2000 iterations then I did another 2000 iterations, what I found was the continuity residual suddenly becomes strted incresing 10^-4 and k,epsilon was 10^-6. The question is why does continuity residual increased.

bob April 30, 2004 05:36

Re: problem withcontinuity residual
Now I have another problem where the continuity,epsilon is flutuating periodically with no sign of convergence at all.


Tom April 30, 2004 05:50

Re: problem withcontinuity residual
Explain what you are trying to model. Are you modelling steady state?

bob April 30, 2004 07:10

Re: problem withcontinuity residual
Yes I am modelling steady State. Its about flow around abstacles. bob

Tom April 30, 2004 07:17

Re: problem withcontinuity residual
Have you tried running this with the transient solver.

bob April 30, 2004 07:40

Re: problem withcontinuity residual

why should I run transients when the case is steadyState? Will it be helpful.


CFD Rookie April 30, 2004 15:06

Re: problem withcontinuity residual
Is there any seperation zone (or recirculation zone) after the abstacles? Did you get to check which node produces the highest residual? Is that node located inside the recirculation zone?

zachi May 10, 2004 09:52

Re: problem withcontinuity residual
Is your case realy steady state or highly turbulent?

At high rates of turbulence a unsteady scheme should be used, because of fluctuation velocities and possible swirls!



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