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azmir April 30, 2004 06:54

convert star files to fluent (couples)
Is there any problem to convert star-cd files which have couples in the domain to Fluent?

HVN April 30, 2004 08:39

Re: convert star files to fluent (couples)
Fluent doesn't support Star couples :(

Joern May 3, 2004 16:10

Re: convert star files to fluent (couples)
... but it is easy to convert from fluent to star ;-)

azmir May 4, 2004 23:04

Re: convert star files to fluent (couples)
Thanks for that quick info. Is coupling procedure available in Fluent? If yes, is it similar to Star? What is the quickest method to convert a Star file to Fluent?

George May 5, 2004 07:44

Re: convert star files to fluent (couples)
The thing is that although you can perform some coupling in Fluent, you will generally not need it because (assuming you use ProStar with Star and Gambit with Fluent) the grid generation technology in both codes is completely different. I used Star for some time and I found it very difficult to mesh some geometries without coupling, but in Fluent I never needed it so far. In Gambit it takes generally much less trouble to create good volume-fitted mesh than to generate mesh piece-wise and then to couple the pieces together.

azmir May 5, 2004 23:22

Re: convert star files to fluent (couples)
Thanks George!

This means if I switch to Fluent from Star, some of my files cannot be used directly if they were meshed using Star couples. If I switch to Fluent, I may need to remesh and redo some models using Gambit (hexa?) all over again. Sounds tough. But thanks for the info!


Joern May 6, 2004 04:56

Re: convert star files to fluent (couples)
It depends on the type of couples. If you have an arbitrary coupling between 2 parts of the mesh you should be able to recreate it in Fluent. Therefore it is important to place shells with unice cell types on all boundary and coupling regions before exporting them.

If you have local mesh refinement it is probably impossible to get the integral couples recreated in fluent. But fluent uses the same feature but it is called "hanging modes" there.

If your mesh contains trimmed cells cou can't use it in fluent.

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