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dingdong May 5, 2004 13:53

Fluent 6.1 user guide
Hi, Can anyone help me to find Fluent6.1 user guide in the internet??


dingdong May 5, 2004 13:54

Re: Fluent 6.1 user guide

Amir May 5, 2004 18:18

Re: Fluent 6.1 user guide
I made a 2-D non premixed combustion model for methane gas. Fuel gas and air mixture. I want to verify my results by a physical test. made the same as model a combustion chamber and will test it in couple of days. My question is how many percent error would be acceptable!? is there any number or range to show in this value of error still have right results!?! Thanks Amir

Andrew Garrard May 6, 2004 04:52

Re: Fluent 6.1 user guide
I don't think that universities are allowed to publish the documentation on the web, because sites seem to go up and down all the time. You can find the documentation on the Fluent user service centre website and the sever is pertty fast. If not, just look in google and you will find one somwhere. Don't search for "FLUENT" because that word has more than one meaning. The search I like to use is "POROUS JUMP" that usually produces a few resutls. However if you start using it alot, it will get taken off line. Hope this helps.

co2 May 6, 2004 12:06

Re: Fluent 6.1 user guide
dear dingdong:

here you go! enjoy!

newton May 14, 2004 16:20

Re: Fluent 6.1 user guide
The link needs id and password.

co2 May 17, 2004 11:17

Re: Fluent 6.1 user guide
well, if you are using a licensed version of fluent, you should contact fluent support to get the pwd.

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