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Laszlo May 6, 2004 09:35

heat generation rate w/m3 in 2D

Please help me understand the specification of heat generation rate. In electrical circuit boards the heating power is exactly known for example 1mW. Heat generation rate can be specified as a property of solid zone. I know the size of electrical heat-emitter-body so I can calculate w/m3. But how could I know if it is correct or not because the solver is 2 dimensional? I think Fluent use this heat generation rate to calculate heat without knowing the 3rd dimension of the heater body. Is it a bug in Fluent (should use w/m2 instead of w/m3 during 2D simulation) or I don't understand something?

Thank you for your answer!

co2 May 6, 2004 11:58

Re: heat generation rate w/m3 in 2D
Dear Laszlo:

I will tell you what I know.

I also use w/m3 values for my 2d Axisymmetric flow calc. As far as I know, for 2D axi calc, fluent calculates the total volume by rotating your area around the axis by 360 degrees.

In 2D calc, I think thickness of 1 m is assumed -- so do your calcs accordingly. Some one please correct me if i am wrong -- Quite possible.

Thanks, CO2

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