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andrew May 8, 2004 09:09

turbulence at a porous jump (perforated plate)
I am seaching some advise on how to effectively model the effects on turbulence across perforated plate without creating the actually geometry.

I am modelling a perforated plate in the inlet plenum to a ceiling diffuser (ventilation outlet to a room). The plate is 1mm thich plate has 5mm diameter holes with a porosity of 40%. I know the pressure drop, so I model the perforated plate with a porous-jump. Since the turbulence is important to the flow distribution through the outlet diffuser nozzles I wish to add in the turbulent effects. Maybe I increase to turbulence intensity, but how do I do that?

Are there any useful references for the turbulence levels created by perforated plates?

thanks Andrew

sahraoui hichem May 8, 2004 09:51

documentation sur la simulation numérique autour d'un profil naca0012 et

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