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Ryan May 9, 2004 22:44

Grid size and VOF accuracy
I use VOF model to compute a free surface flow, the fluctuation range in vertical direction of the surface is just several tens of microns, even smaller. I want to make the accuracy as high as 1 micron.

Question: 1. What grid size should I decide around the surface? Now it is 5*5 microns, is it enough? 2. What accuracy can the VOF model in Fluent reach? Where can I find some materials of its accuracy analysis?

Thanks & regards.

Boris May 10, 2004 06:33

Re: Grid size and VOF accuracy
The problem you are solving is quite interesting. How can Fluent be used for such a microscopic flow? Is the continuum theory valid for such a flow?


Ryan May 10, 2004 07:59

Re: Grid size and VOF accuracy
Actually, the domain is a macroscopic flow, but the fluctuation is very small. the grid size of 5*5 microns is just the minimal cell in the whole domain.

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