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bob May 10, 2004 09:26

Strange ?
I am computing a case where flow is behind a flame holder. I thought that case is assymetric I started to simulate half of the domain. Where solver (only 2d is used not asymteric is used) But then I noticed something called axisymmetric also and then copmared my resultsthe trend is similar but the results are difference specially they give me differenet recirculations length. Do anybody know the answers.


Ale May 12, 2004 03:16

Re: Strange ?
Hi, I assume that with 'asymetric' you mean 'axisymmetric'. The difference between 2d and 2d-axisymmetric is the following:

-when using 2d, fluent assumes that your domain is a section of the indefinitely long volume that could be obtained translating the domain along the Z direction (if your domain is in the X-Y plane).

-when using 2d-axisymmetric, Fluent assumes that the domain is half a section of the volume you could botain by rotating the domain around the axis that you have defined. that it is perfectly normal to obtain different results.

I hope to have answered your question...



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