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Mukund May 10, 2004 16:13

Problem concerning the use of UDF's
Hello ,

I have the case and data files for a particular problem involving the use of UDF. This is the first time I am using UDF's in Fluent. I would be glad if someone could guide me through the procedure I would have to follow to read these files. I would like to know if I could compile the subroutine in fluent after opening the case file. Thank you.

ap May 11, 2004 04:01

Re: Problem concerning the use of UDF's
You can open the case and (eventually) the data file in FLUENT. If the case has been already linked to the UDF, probably FLUENT will tell you it can't find the UDF. Don't worry. You can compile the UDF after reading the case.

To compile the UDF, you need a C compiler installed on your system (Visual C++ on Microsoft Windows, gcc on linux, ...).

Save the C source file of the UDF in the same directory where the case file is located.

Use the menu Define->User defined->Function->Compiled. Add the source file. Click on Build and, if there are no error messages, on Load. The compilation process is done.

Now, if the case is already set to call the udf, just load it again. Fluent will read the UDF you compiled.

Hi :)


Mukund May 12, 2004 11:41

Re: Problem concerning the use of UDF's
Hi ap,

Thanks for your elaborate response. I will follow the steps u have provided and let u know how it worked.

Thanks once again.

Regards, Mukund

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