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Peter May 11, 2004 16:38

Importing *.cas from fluent to gambit
May I ask you a question about importing?

I'd like to import *.cas file from Fluent v6.1 to Gambit v2.0. I tried sevral times to import it, but couldn't make it. Is it possible to do that? The reason I want to do it is that I need to look at how meses are generated and I want to apply another case with it.

Thanks in advance.

Ajay May 11, 2004 18:20

Re: Importing *.cas from fluent to gambit
Yesh this could be done. I have tried this This is what i do File > Import >mesh > Specify Fluent 5/6 in the type drop box and specify 2D / 3D > browse for your cas file and Accept does it for me. -Ajay

Peter May 11, 2004 19:31

Re: Importing *.cas from fluent to gambit
Thanks for your answer. I followed your direction, but I am still in trouble with importing it. In Gambit is an error showing "Gamit is unable to import.....". What's wrong with me? I also tried to import an example file given in Fluent.Inc. The problem is same. Dear Ajay, could you try it with my case file? If you don't mind, I can email you.

Thanks agian, Peter

Ajay May 12, 2004 09:33

Re: Importing *.cas from fluent to gambit
Yes please send it across I shall try on my machine remove the -nospam in my email id to mail me.

venu gopal May 14, 2004 06:06

Re: Importing *.cas from fluent to gambit
Haai, This is venugopal from IITMADRAS. I think you problem is due to version problem. fluent 6.1 is not compatable with the gambit 2.0, you have to go for some higher version of gambit 2.1. I faced this problem and upgraded my gambit version. You just try with the higher version of gambit Bye Venu gopal

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