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Josh May 12, 2004 18:51

Build mesh or fluent
Hey, I have a channel mesh built by Gambit, I want to duble the channel length.I copy my old mesh and move to the end of the first mesh. what boundary type should I specify for the middle two planes(one plane is the end surface of the first mesh and the second plane is the begin of the copy mesh)? Or just leave default the Flent6 can automatically read them and connect these two meshs as a new double length channel.


ap May 13, 2004 04:05

Re: Build mesh or fluent
You don't need to specify any boundary condition. You have to connect the two volumes using GAMBIT connection functions.

Hi :)


Tim P. May 13, 2004 16:10

Re: Build mesh or fluent
Ap's way is the easiest but, for whatever reason, if you do want/need to keep the two volumes as seperate entities then you could define each of the two faces that meet each other as interface (boundary condition). Then mesh each volume as you normally would keeping in mind that there are two distinct faces where there only appears to be one. Then once you import into FLUENT go to Define->Grid Interfaces, name your grid interface and select the two faces that you designated in Gambit as "interface" and click "create".

Cheers, Tim.

Josh May 13, 2004 17:32

Re: Build mesh or fluent
Thank Ap and Tim

I hope Tim explain for me more clearly. I am a newhand. In my unstanding, the "interface" means between the "fluid" and "solid", but my problem is only extend the channel grid, that means two same "fluids", can I still use the interface?

Thanks Josh

ap May 18, 2004 07:53

Re: Build mesh or fluent
Connecting faces keep volumes separated, you just have to define different fluid zones in GAMBIT if yon need it.

Hi :)


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