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Dolores May 17, 2004 10:33


The intrepreted UDF shows no error during the compilation, but how come i could not see the function in the drop down list when i need to use in in Boundary Condition?

here's the code: #include "udf.h" #define CONSA 2.3462 #define CONSB 37.577 #define CONSC 0.0292 #define CONSD 131.08 #define TOTV 0.023375 DEFINE_SOURCE(heat_sink, cell, thread, dS, eqn) {real t, source; t =RP_Get_Real("flow-time"); if(t<=43.)source = -(CONSA/TOTV)*t+(CONSB/TOTV); if(t>43.)source=-(CONSC/TOTV)*t+(CONSD/TOTV); dS[eqn] = 0.0257; return source;}

Thanks a million

thomas May 17, 2004 12:05

what error message do you get ?

kethireddy May 18, 2004 05:18

HI...during running udf's u just keep the option (display assembly listing)on.Then u know whether ur udf is actually working out or not.I think it should work out.please inform back if it works out. kethireddy..RWTH-Aachen..Germany

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