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ramesh May 20, 2004 05:12

Compiling UDF's in Fluent 6.0
hello, I want to compile some UDF's in Fluent 6.0. In Fluent6.0 there is no Makefile_nt.udf, for executing makefile,as written in documentation. So when Iam using nmake its giving me an error "fatal error U1064: MAKEFILE not found and no target specified Stop." in command prompt. Iam running nmake form target directory only. How can I compile the UDF's. Please kindly help me. Thanking you for considering my request.

Yours faithfully


Tom May 20, 2004 05:31

Re: Compiling UDF's in Fluent 6.0
The two files you need are makefile_nt.udf and user_nt.udf. They are both found in the scr directory under Fluent6.0.

Make sure you build the directory structure correctly as found in the documentation.

Podila June 11, 2004 17:34

Re: Compiling UDF's in Fluent 6.0
Ramesh I can help u in this regrad. Please put ur files in ftp and let me know then can try it for u locally on my machine. which is the tutorial u are running? another point is that u have to compile from: libudf>src>2d/3d/dp>paste the make file from ntx 86 and then change ur path on cmd. Then u have to namke clean and nmake. I guess it helps if it does not please let me know Podila

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