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Mirek May 25, 2004 05:41

Turbulence intensity scale
Hello everybody, What does mean numerical values on scale while you display contours of turbulence intensity? They are not % values! When I set at the inflow V=20m/s and choose turbulence intensity i=5% (turbulence intensity and viscosity ratio mode) then at the inflow appears value 1 (when you check it by means of surface integrals/average). If you change V or i every time you obtain X=V*i (for example 1=20*0,05). Could anybody explain me principle of creating this strange "unit" which is not percetage value? Thanks a lot in advance and best regards for every Fluent User.

Allex May 26, 2004 08:27

Re: Turbulence intensity scale
Re=(V*Dh)/-1e6 Dh=4*Rh Rh=A/P I(%)=(Re^1/8)*0.16*100

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