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krishna May 26, 2004 03:26

Skewness -> Reversed Flow
hello All,

I am trying to simulate the flow around a NACA aerofoil with a sufficient amount of wing span, therby making it a 3D problem, as i want very reliable values, I am imposing a Structured mesh around it, a bit highly dense, the inlet condition is "VELOCITY INLET", whereas the Outlet is Defined as "OUTFLOW" in Fluent, and for the initial cases only Laminar Flow is Considered.

after few iterations I get "Reversed flow", will this have a considerable effect on my solution, and also the residuals seem to Fluctuate a lot, as far as the skewness is concerned, the maximum skewness of the Hexahedral Cells is 0.89, Is this skewness within limits for structured grid congfiguration.

Thanks In Advance,


zachi May 27, 2004 08:49

Re: Skewness -> Reversed Flow
Hi, concerning the skewness factor you should check your grid in gambit (also equiangle skew, side ratio,...). Concerning the reversed flow I would try the pressure outlet boundary condition. regards


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