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Arun May 28, 2004 16:34

Data at a specific flow time

I need to obtain values at a specific flow time. I am running an explicit case. Could anyone help me with this? Thanks


Tim P. May 31, 2004 23:57

Re: Data at a specific flow time
You need to run an unsteady simulation. When you go to enter the number of iterations you want, you need to set the number of iterations per timestep and how long that timestep will take (ie. one timestep represents 0.1 seconds or one timestep for 0.01 seconds). Then enter the number of timesteps you want simulate. So if you want to extract data after 15 seconds with a timestep of 0.1 second, you'll need to set FLUENT to run for 150 timesteps. If the solution diverges try a smaller timestep.

Cheers, Tim.

Arun June 1, 2004 21:34

Re: Data at a specific flow time
Thanks Tim, but I wanted to know if there was any way I could get the data between two succesive timesteps. Sorry for not being clear abt the question. I was able to run the case from the previously obtained timestep to the next timestep using a much lower CFL number and saving the case and data intermittenly.


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