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JJJ May 28, 2004 19:31

Upgrade P4 1.5 to P4 2.6
Hi. Guys

I plan to upgrade my computer to achieve to get the results fastly. My problem is Mesh : 300,000 cells

Segregated solver

K-epsilon model

Energy eqn

Trasient problem

The spec of my computer is

System : Dell dimension 8100 CPU : P4 1.5(423 pin)Ghz

L2 cache 256kb

FSB : 400 Mhz Memory : RDRAM 640 Mb

My mainboard has a lot of restriction to upgrade to use new P4 processor, so Using the PowerLeap(adapter) is the only way that I have. With the PowerLeap, I can use P4 2.6 Ghz now. Do you think that I can save considerably the computation time in consideration of 200 bucks? Pls. give me some idea about the upgrade. Thanks


Rob Hart May 29, 2004 09:36

Re: Upgrade P4 1.5 to P4 2.6
hmmm. It all depends on the extent to which your problem is limited by the speed of your CPU.

The FSB speed (i.e. how fast the CPU can access memory) isn't going to change, and for large cases, this could well be a limit.

You wont really know until you try, but I suspect the improvement would be less than the 73% you'd expect from the increased CPU speeds.


rosco May 29, 2004 10:21

Re: Upgrade P4 1.5 to P4 2.6
Buy a 2.8M0 or 3.2C and push it above 4.3 Ghz with a phase-change cooling system to have more power for yours calculations with a big FSB (+260-310) and good RAM to keep synchro... With that you'll get a nice improvement :D

JJJ May 29, 2004 10:30

Thanks Guys!!

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