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Thiyagarajan May 31, 2004 00:41

meshing filter paper
hi all, i am modelling an airfilter with gambit.the surface area of filter is 40 sq.m.and thickness is .0006m.when i meshed, i gave spacing of 0.006 to avoid high aspect ratio.but that took verylong time and i couldn't mesh. can i get any method to mesh without reducing the overall area.even with reduced area i couldn't mesh. thanks for any suggestions. regards Thiyaga.

Tim P. May 31, 2004 13:10

Re: meshing filter paper
I would initially suggest dividing up the volume and meshing each smaller area, and combining them all using the interface BC. But I don't think that interface works when the interfaces are alligned with the flow.

Could you divide up your surface area into many virtual areas then try meshing each smaller virtual area on it's own?

Also, would a porous jump BC work for your case instead? You could always just set your porous medium thickness to 0.0006 m.

Just some suggestions, Tim.

George May 31, 2004 14:12

Re: meshing filter paper

1. What is the purpose of your simulation? Everything depends on that.

2. I really don't see how you could be interested in flow details within the filter walls - not to model flow among individual fibres of the filter, I believe.

3. Tim's suggestion about pressure jump internal boundary seems really the only sensible thing you need to do.

Regards George

Thiyagarajan June 2, 2004 00:44

Re: meshing filter paper
thanks Tim and George,my problem is to study the filter efficiency and pressuredrop when dusty air passes through the filter, iam using DPM to trap the sand particles on filter i can't use porous jump condition.what could be the maximum value of aspect ratio used with Fluent with Hexa mesh. regards Thiyaga.

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