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Phil June 2, 2004 04:14

Force monitors
Is there a simple way of monitoring the force on a surface? I am running an unsteady simulation and where I can go to report..force and get a report of the force on a surface when the analysis is not running the solve....monitor...forces gives me coefficients rather than actual forces. Does anyone know a way in which i can monitor force every iteration and either write to file or plot to a window. I could use the execute command screen to print the report force to the screen but this does not give me a record of the force throughout the simulation

glsl June 4, 2004 02:21

Re: Force monitors

Try using 2 for density and 1 for all other relevant quatities(velocity, area, length) in reference values panel. If you do so force coefficient will be equal to force. (F= Cf*0.5*rho*ReferenceVelocity*ReferenceArea)

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