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zwdi June 2, 2004 13:10

numerical dissipation
Dear All,

I know nothing about numerical dissipation. Could someone recommend some good references for the beginner like me? Thank you very much.



Jeremie June 3, 2004 04:51

Re: numerical dissipation
Hi zwdi, You can read something about numerical dissipation of finite volume schemes in "Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow", S.V. Patankar.

Best regards, Jeremie.

zwdi June 3, 2004 21:09

Re: numerical dissipation
Thank you very much, Jeremie.

I read that book you mentioned before. Now it is not at my hand. I could not remember some conception about numerical dissipation in that book. Is numerical dissipation the caused error due to discretization? such as numerical diffusion due to UDS? I will read that book again. Thanks.



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