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Alonso Zamora June 3, 2004 20:06

GAMBIT grid generation

I am working with gambit generating unstructured grids around arifoils. I have a major problem, my grids dont seem to be good enough, specially at the trailing edge. The grid (yellow) invades the boundary layer and that's when the red spots appear. Please if someone could helpo to figure this out. I have tried different things changing the spacing and the ratio of the meshe edges before apllying the grid but it doesn't seem to work.

thanks for the help.


Tim P. June 8, 2004 19:55

Re: GAMBIT grid generation
I don't think I've ever encountered what you described ("invading boundary layer). What error message do you get when you try and face mesh? I have had situations where surfaces and volumes would not mesh due to their size and complexity, so I've had to resort to dividing the domain up into mulitple sections and connecting them using an Interface BC.

Cheers, Tim.

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