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Ari June 4, 2004 10:43

Fuel Cell

I'm trying to modelling a PEM fuel cell with Fluent 6.0. Is there anyone who is doing the same??? I'd like to have some UDF example!?!

One of my doubts:

for modelling the membrane I've to define a porous media of 51ìm and I've found two ways for doing it:

1) a subdomain; 2)a double-side wall.

Which is more suitable???

Thanks!!! Ari

D Harvey June 4, 2004 13:10

Re: Fuel Cell

Both will work but it will depend on the level of detail and assumptions surrounding your model. If you are using sub-domains then you will require one domain for the momentum,species,and energy, one domain for the electronic potentials and one domain for the ionic potentials. Storing in UDMI's the necessary coupling parameters. Make sure that you associate the threads correctly for the zone you are calling.


Dave Harvey

Ari June 4, 2004 14:34

Re: Fuel Cell
Thanks for your response!!!

Now I'm trying to setting mass fractions values of the two streams( air+steam and hydrogen+steam) but I've found this option only for Non-Premixed and Premixed combustion ( in user's guide fluent 6.0), while I can't find it in Species Trasport…Why???

Best regards,


D Harvey June 4, 2004 19:57

Re: Fuel Cell
you can input a mass fraction of water in both streams using the species transport model, but it will come in at the your user specified inlet temperature. To do this you need to add water vapour to the list of species. I would avoid using the the combustion models if possible.



Ari June 7, 2004 12:16

Re: Fuel Cell
I finally found it!!! (I'm sorry for my stupid question) Thank you very much !!!


D Harvey June 7, 2004 12:57

Re: Fuel Cell
No worries Ari....there are never stupid questions...because if there are...I ask far to many.

Good luck with your modelling.


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