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lingo June 5, 2004 01:11

problem of RSM model

We can get the reynold stresses such as UU reynolds stress ,UV reynolds stress (C_RUU,C_RUV in udf macros)when usin RSM modle.

I want to know whether the definitions of UU reynolds stress ,UV reynolds stress are same as the defintions in RSM modle ( they are expressed in different forms)

lingo June 6, 2004 02:39

Re: problem of RSM model
Hi,evrey: I want to express my problem again.I meet a problem about reynolds stress in fluent and really need your help.

It's easy to get the reynolds stresses such as" UU reynolds stress, UV reynolds stress and so on" when using reynolds stress model. However,I find that the expression of reynolds stress in the transport equation is u_i'u_j' ,which is different from "UU reynold stress, UV reynolds stress"(they seem to have no hats)in forms.

I want to know whether they are same except the expression forms.

Another problem is that: UU reynolds stress,UV reynolds stress and so on are individual reynolds stresses ,how to combine them to a scalar or vector £šI think that it will be easier for comparison )?

Could you give me any advice?



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