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Li June 8, 2004 12:49

Gambit problem: reading the nodes
I have a file with all the nodes in the format of x y. How can I read it as a meshed grid using gambit? I have to keep the node information. That's why I don't want to generate the geometry and mesh it with gambit. Any comment will be appreciated.

George June 9, 2004 16:10

Re: Gambit problem: reading the nodes
I'm not sure you can do this. You can look into the UG for formatting of mesh files though. Yoou see, for Fluent it is not only important to know the nodes, but also their neighbours and some other geometrical specifications, which are not contained in the node coordinates alone.



Li June 10, 2004 13:20

Re: Gambit problem: reading the nodes
Thanks a lot, George. I wrote a small program to read the coordinates of the nodes and write them into a neutral file as well as the neighboring information as you said. Since my grids are structured rectangular grids so that it's easy to figure out the neighboring relation. It looks good when I read the neutral file into Gambit.

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