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Kamran June 9, 2004 17:36

cavitation related problem
Hi everybody

I've a question which is not directly related to CFD, but here it goes: I'm trying to simulate cavitation in a suction hose using the cavitation model in Fluent. The problem is I haven't been able to find relevant data, more specifically vapor pressure and surface tensionfor the hydraulic fluid. I've been searching everywhere, even asked suppliers, but without any success so far. Now, I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get hold of such data. The fluid used is of Dexron III type @ T=0 degree C, which is common in automotive industry (so I've been told anyway) but for the time being I would consider any "typical" or comparable data. Any help will be appreciated.

regards Kamran

mateus June 14, 2004 03:05

Re: cavitation related problem

You might have some problems with defining the vapour pressure of the liquid. I'm not fammiliar with Dexron III but for example Diesel fuel has a lot of different components and each has its own vapour pressure. simulating cavitation in water is baby stuf in comparison to what you are about to do...

good luck


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