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Rodrigo June 9, 2004 23:25

Wall jet -tank with rotational flow in 3D
Hi, I am modeling a tank with wall jets in 3D, but the flow field Fluent reports after solution converges (10-4) is really chaotic (lots of eddies and reverse flows). I am conducting a REAL experiment with exactly the same conditions and the flow is totally rotational. I am not sure though if I need to SPECIFY THE ROTATION-AXIS AND DIRECTION-AXIS in the fluid boudary conditions, because I didn't do it. I hope anybody can help me on this. Thanks,


George June 10, 2004 03:52

Re: Wall jet -tank with rotational flow in 3D
No, you shouldn't need to specify the axis, it should be predicted by the simulation instead. I think you neet to check material properties and also - what turbulence model are you using? Convergence you should judge also by monitoring e.g. a point value in the tank in order to see if it levels out or oscillates. If it is the second case, than you don't have concergence.

Good luck


Rodrigo June 10, 2004 14:05

Re: Wall jet -tank with rotational flow in 3D
Thanks George, I'm using the standard k-epsilon model, but tried also with RNG with same results. I am not sure if a follow what you suggests (pick a point and measure levels...), can you tell me how to do it?.

Thanks again,


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