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KKLAU June 14, 2004 04:37

Define mass fraction for -ve velocity inlet/outlet
To all fluent expert all over the world:

I got a simple question here. How to define mass fraction for negative velocity inlet (velocity outlet)?? Is it possible to do it by using FLUENT 6. I tried it with FLUENT 5 but when i changed the velocity direction to negative, the defined mass fraction was ignored. Can somebody suggest me a solution for this problem???

Thank you.



George June 14, 2004 14:23

Re: Define mass fraction for -ve velocity inlet/ou
Well, composition is naturally propagated from inside of the computational domain to the outlet boundary - that's why you cannot specify outlet composition beforehand. It will be used only with backflow (intake of fresh fluid from the inlet). What are you trying to model by this BC - a membrane??


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