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wert June 14, 2004 17:52

Hallo! I am trying to mesh a somewhat complex geometry in gambit using several sizing functions. nomatter what I do , gambit always creates higly skewed cells in somwhere in the inside of the fluid zone (skew angle up to 0.95) (is this algoritmus problem?) does anyone know if such high values are acceptible for calculations in fluent?

thanks a lot :) wert

Mukkarum June 15, 2004 01:54

Re: GAMBIT PROBLEM (Skewangle)
This problem could be due to the complexity of geometry.

Jeff June 30, 2004 22:17

Re: GAMBIT PROBLEM (Skewangle)
for very complexity geometry,I think it is better to split the whole volume into several volumes,then use size function or other methods to mesh those volumes.

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