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Maria June 17, 2004 03:39

Hi, Is there any difference between Euler and invicid flow???? Thanks

Arun June 17, 2004 12:46

Re: Euler/Invisid
The euler equations are solved for an inviscid flow.

Maria June 22, 2004 23:56

Re: Euler/Invisid
What is the difference between: Potential Flow Euler Flow Invicid Flow

Arun June 23, 2004 16:11

Re: Euler/Invisid

The full Potential Flow equation is a subset of Euler Equations with the assumption of irrotationality. In the case of a compressible flow, another assumption is that entropy changes across shocks are neglected as long as the flow is close to Mach 1 (transonic flow regime). I really dont understand what you mean by the difference between Euler and Inviscid flow. They are the same. Good luck!


Maria June 24, 2004 00:02

Re: Euler/Invisid

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