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zwdi June 17, 2004 17:35


My geometry has a very smal hole with diameter 0.2m. My calculation domain is 500mx200mx100m. I don't want the space around the hole is so densy that make the total mesh size is too huge. How deal with this kind of problem? Does anybody have good ideas to decrease mesh size due to very tiny hole? Thanks a lot.

Best regards, Zwdi

ap June 18, 2004 03:54

Re: mesh
I don't know the geometry, but I would think to two possible solutions:

- A boundary layer near the hole.

. A little volume splitted in the portion where the hole is located. With tetrahedral grids, setting the number of nodes on some edge, it should be possibile to solve your problem.

Hi :)


Bob June 18, 2004 08:35

Re: mesh
You can use the size function within Gambit to fix this. If you have access to there is documentation there within the online tech section. You will need to registar your name and information to access these areas. Or I cound email the slides for introduction to the size function.

zwdi June 18, 2004 10:29

Re: mesh
Thank you very much for your helps. Dear Bob, I will be very glad if I could receive your slides for introduction to the size function by your e-mail. I have no access to fluent user website. My e-mail address is Dear Ap, I will try to attach the boundary layer around the hole and let you know what will happen next. Thanks again.

Best regards,


Bob June 18, 2004 11:10

Re: mesh
I forgot, only Gambit version 2.0 and newer has the sizing function. So if you have an older version then you will have to play with the boundary layer.

zwdi June 18, 2004 14:45

Re: mesh
Thanks bob. I am using the new version of Gambit. Have a good weekend.

Best regards, Zwdi

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