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Zhihua June 18, 2004 01:09

periodic boundary contion in tube banks
Hi, I am applying periodic boundary conditions in the simulation of flow flield and heat transfer in a circular tube bank.Uniform temperature of 360 K is applied on cylinder walls and the upstream fluid temperature is 300 K. I found the following problems after running: 1. The average pressure at the inlet is about the same as the average pressure at the outlet. When I checked the pressure in the middle of the plane in x direction (the line that goes across the center circle), I found the average pressure is higher than that at the inlet. This is not reasonable because the pressure should decrease. 2. The average temperature at the outlet is lower than that at the inlet. This is wrong because the fluid should be heated up by the cylinder. 3. The temperature at the outlet has a sudden decrease to about 25 K. I think there is something wrong with it.

Can anybody help me? Thanks very much!

mzy012100 April 2, 2013 22:02

Have you understand the periodic boundary about temperature lower than the upstream temperature set?
if statement above make you confused,aplogize for my poor english!

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