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bala June 18, 2004 23:52

Two phase flow boundary condition
Hi all, For my two phase flow where gas is dispresed, in the 'phase' boundary condition, i need to specify the bubble size what is the formula to find it and if liquid is dispersed, how to get the droplet size?

Podila K June 19, 2004 08:30

Re: Two phase flow boundary condition
Hello Bala,

This is not a piece of cake. If u are assuming a uniform bubble size and assuming no break up and coalescence then u can do it in the phases panel. In the boundary conditions there is an inkt condition. In the inlet condition u can select ur dispersed or the secondary phase and u are all set. There is no formula to get the bubble size in the section however all I can say is that the bubble/ drop in ur section cannot be more than the diameter of the section. But in experiemnts u can find the maximum stable bubble size and then set accordingly. It all depends on what u use for simualting. I hope it Helps Podila.

thomas June 21, 2004 09:04

Re: Two phase flow boundary condition
What model are you using, It exist for both DPM and eulerian a model to compute break up and coalescence. For DPM you can set it in the default DPM panel. For eulerian solver, there is a UDF on the fluent website.

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