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Lio June 24, 2004 04:58

How to read .stl files with gambit 2.0 ?

I wanted to know what I have to do to read stl files in gambit 2.0 ?


STK June 25, 2004 08:19

Re: How to read .stl files with gambit 2.0 ?
If you have created stl file in Autocad, you convert it to *.sat file. The conversion procedure is the following: 1. you explode the object by the command explode 2. you create regions (the exploded objects) 3. you save it by acisout good luck

Lio June 25, 2004 08:40

Re: How to read .stl files with gambit 2.0 ?
thx STK, but in fact, my stl file is only a conversion of a dxf file. I did that because I had read thad I could import stl file in gambit...

In fact, I would like to convert this dxf file into a format supported by gambit. I tried the igs one but when I import it in gambit, my curves overlap (they represent level curves of a field where a wind farm will be set) and I can't do anything with that.that's why I want to test another kind of file...


STK June 28, 2004 05:27

Re: How to read .stl files with gambit 2.0 ?
if it is dxf it is better. Firstly you can't convert a stl to dxf, if you did it tell me how (they are different technologies-ways of design) Secondly, in your dxf file, select all objects (autocad). Then explode them. Finally click the region button and select all. Confirm that you created regions all over your design.Write acisout select then all and autocad will export it as a *sat file. This is a very "friendly" format to gambit you will see from the result. Good luck. (Don't forget to tell me how you converted stl to dxf!!)-Thanks

Lio June 28, 2004 05:48

Re: How to read .stl files with gambit 2.0 ?
Thank's STK.

I work with Autocad LT 2000, but I don't know how it works ! In fact, I have tried to do what you said but I get an I will try later.

Concerning STL to DXF conversion, you can use a program named Rhinoceros ( You have a trial version limited to 25 save on the site.


STK June 29, 2004 06:00

Re: How to read .stl files with gambit 2.0 ?
I can convert a stl to dxf the opposite as you said, i can't do it!(dxf to stl). Could rhinoceros solve the problem?

if you can't solve it, send the stl at and i will convert it to acis file (*.sat)


STK July 1, 2004 07:39

Re: How to read .stl files with gambit 2.0 ?

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