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Kevin June 27, 2004 12:28

Dear Expert,

I have a problem meshing my model. Mine has a complicated structure that meshing it is not successful. Basically, I have parts and air around them. Because there are many parts, my fluid region has many cavities, and the meshing fails. I tried many many different methods that are introduced in the tutorials, but i have no luck so far. I know I-deas can mesh my model. Problem meshing with I-deas is, when I import the meshes into GAMBIT, unnecessary surfaces/volumes are created at interfaces between air and parts (cavity area). My question is, is there any way avoid these? Or, does anyone have know-how to share in meshing? Thanks in advance.

lingo June 28, 2004 04:04

Re: Meshing

When you import the model into Gambit,you need to merge small lines,surfaces before meshing.I think the unstructual grid is needed for your case.Hope this helps.


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