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kimej June 29, 2004 02:33

combustion of carbon and steel
For combustion of carbon particles and steel particles

with pure oxigen and pure nitrogen gas,

To make prePDF, I have to add properties of

steel to THERMO.DB file. What kind of properties


And what are the properties of steel?

Ryan Zarnitz June 29, 2004 13:27

Re: combustion of carbon and steel
You need the constants generated by the CHEMKIN subroutine FITDAT (at least this is the approach I have used, there may be others). In order to use FITDAT, you need a table of enthalpy and entropy in you temperature range of interest for each species (I have used the DIPPR database,, and also the emperical formula for the species. Check, they will give you free access to the CHEMKIN documentation (although you will have to give them your information). If you don't have CHEMKIN, your FLUENT support engineer or the user services center will probably be willing to generate the constants if you send them a FITDAT input file. Note that you will have to update thermodb.scm in fluent to use your new prePDF species.


moun July 21, 2004 13:36

Eddy dissipation model
Hi all; im working on premixed flame (methane + air )low Reynolds flow, using Eddy dissipation model for free jet . when choosing options of Density i found different sollutions My question is which is appropriate to premixed flame in free jet i olso found that there is a underestimation of temperature when comparing whith experimental if there are tutorials on premixed fame using Eddy dissipation model you can post me one at thanks

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