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ckmoied June 29, 2004 08:53

Ocean thermal simulation
Hi all,

I want to know if fluent can be used for thermal mapping in the oceans. I mean I want to select an area of 1 sq KM, and about 200m in the depth, and there is one inlet source of water in this area. The first thing I want to know if fluent can do this sort of mapping, and what kind of field reading do I need to take in order to complete the mapping process. I thought temperature is sufficient. But I wanna know if flow measurements are also needed along the periphery ??

Andrew June 29, 2004 09:48

Re: Ocean thermal simulation
I don't have a lot of experience in what you are tryingt o do, so I don't understand some of the terms you are using, but I saw this article in Fluent News that might interest you, if you haven't already seen it:

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