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chris July 1, 2004 05:30

turbulators: can they be modelled?
Hi everyone,

I'm modelling 2D low Reynolds Number aerofoils for slow-flying UAV applications (i.e. model aircraft type wings). 30000<Re<100000. I'm using a laminar flow model and getting good results for laminar separation points. I'm using FLUENT 6.

My question is: now that I know where to expect separation to occur, is it possible model the effect of adding a turbulator just upsteam of this point (as used on real low-Re wings to prevent laminar separation)? Can I in some way introduce a turbulence model but only to apply downstream of a specific point? It would ideally need to be applicable to chord locations indepenantly for top and bottom surfaces. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Evan Rosenbaum July 1, 2004 12:15

Re: turbulators: can they be modelled?
You will have to separate your fluid domain into separate zones for turbulent and laminar regions. You then enable turbulence in the model and suppress that model in the known laminar zones in the Boundary Conditions panel. You had better be sure about which zones will have which regime, because the results will be highly model dependent.

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