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kethireddy July 5, 2004 04:53

User define flux function
Hello i am trying to solve a transport equation using user defined scalar.In this equation i want to customorise the differential transport equation by using userdefined function DEFINE_UDS_FLUX (please see 4.3.19). my function is as follows-------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- DEFINE_UDS_FLUX(UDS_flux, f, t, i) { real rho; rho = C_R(f,t); return F_FLUX(f, t)/rho; }

------------------------- THe problem is it gives segmentation error duing solution process. I guess there is problem at boundaries. How can i correct it. please help me in inroducing some additional loops like if (NULL != THREAD_T1(f,t)) etc or else give me some suggestions.

bye kethireddy

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