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rvndr July 5, 2004 05:33

xy needed very urgently

I am modeling a combustion Chamber during which I have to plot some graphs....

I have no problem in ploting the followng.

I have to plot the combustion chamber wall temperature(y-axis) against the length of the cumbustion chamber wall(x-axis) (considering the model is 2D). This is very simple to plot.....upto here no problem...

But how to plot non-dimensionalized wall temperature of combustion chamber(y-axis) against the length of the combustion chamber wall(x-axis). The temperature to be non-dimensionalized taking fuel droplet temperature as the reference value.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.......Thanks in advance..


kethireddy July 5, 2004 05:59

Re: xy needed very urgently
HI u try out with customurised function. ( T -T_ref)/Tmax-Tmin) this u can see in post processing hope it will work out kethireddy

rvndr July 6, 2004 04:53

Re: xy needed very urgently
hi kethireddy,

thanks ......! it works.....

regards rvndr

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