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Apollo July 5, 2004 05:34

6 Degree of Freedom Navier Stoke Equations
Hi. Can I seek some advice about a CFD problem??? I might be doing a project, which involves 6 Degree of Freedom Navier Stoke Equations. This means that the CFD problem has the fluid flow and solid body motion solved simultaneously. The fluid flow influence the motion of the solid body, while the solid body motion influence the fluid flow. Can this be solved using FLUENT software? Currently, I know that in FLUENT solver, the motion of the solid body is fixed arbitrarily and then we find the fluid flow field. But in actual situation, the fluid flow field will influence the solid body motion and in turn influences the fluid flow. Besides using Fortran programming, what other software can I use to do that problem??? Is there a new version of FLUENT software coming up whereby I can do this fluid structure interaction (the fluid affect solid body motion, solid body motion affect fluid. But are solved simultaneously).

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