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ravi July 8, 2004 14:21

UDF for heat transfer coeff..
I want to give convection boundary condition (heat transfer coeff and temp) on a 3d olbique surface. the heat transfer coeff and temp values are obtained at certain intervals along the plane experimentally. To apply these values which are function of x, y and z, is it possible to apply using define_profile macro?? If so, how the equation cn be written? I hope you understand my doubt!

thanks and regards ravi

Ajay July 8, 2004 15:45

Re: UDF for heat transfer coeff..
If the case is an unsteady case , you could use the execute_at_end macro which executes at the end of time step and you could update the Boundary condition this. Let me know if you need more on this

ravi July 9, 2004 00:09

Re: UDF for heat transfer coeff..
Its a steady case only. but the problem is its not a function of single co-ordinate but of all three co-ordinates x,y,z.

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