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Lewis July 9, 2004 10:49

Compressible flow problem

I'm trying to model supersonic flow through a convergent divergent nozzle. The only solver that will work is coupled explicit, but convergence has been a problem.

Can anyone offer any advice on this subject?


AJ July 10, 2004 18:18

Re: Compressible flow problem
Try solving one problem from Fluent traning if they have and see if it has any problems.... try to see what kind of settings are used in that problem.... Try refining mesh....!!! Follow fluent's training/user manuals how to run these simulations.... AJ

Lewis July 11, 2004 07:29

Re: Compressible flow problem
Thanks AJ, I tried all the tutorial examples that came with fluent documents but nothing seemed to help. I've got convergence finally though, just by initializing from the freestream inlet rather than nozzle inlet.

Cheers for the help though.


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