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julie July 19, 2004 12:15

error: invalid topology
Hi everyone,

I was attempting to mesh a penstock composed by several volumes but I got this message while trying to mesh an edge:

error:face face.41 is missing edge edge.62 in lower topology list

error:coedge for face face.41 and edge edge.62 is missing (or corrupt)

error: coedge for edge edge.62 and face face.41 is missing (or corrupt)

error:meshing edge edge.62 aborted because it has invalid topology

What should I do?

Thanks for advice!

laika July 20, 2004 03:38

Re: error: invalid topology
Hi Julie,

Gambit error messages are not very instructive. Can you tell us what kind of geometry you are trying to mesh, how you created/imported that geometry, and what you did befor you got these error messages. Maybe you can send us your journal-file?

Laika, still orbiting

julie July 20, 2004 16:46

Re: error: invalid topology
Hi Laika (again!),

I don't know why it did not work yesterday, but I have tried again this morning, have change a little the way I built the volume and after several tests I had another error message.

I have tried to solve this new problem (problem of memory) and I do not if it is related or no but now it works. Weird!

Anyway, thanks again for your help.



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