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pmali July 26, 2004 03:36

3D geometry drawing in gambit
hi everybody, as a part of my project study i have to do the performance analysis of a sramjet engine .to draw the geometry in 3D i have been given the vertex data (consisting of roughly 50 pts in 3D) at 64 stations on the body alone. though i could make 64 journal files to import these vertex data and create the geometry.i find it very tedious to connect all the vertices at each station to creates edges ,then connect these edges to make face and then volumes. can anybody suggest me a easier method of doing this. thanks in advance

ravi July 26, 2004 04:03

Re: 3D geometry drawing in gambit
hia, I didnt get you. whether you were given with 50pts(x,y,z co-ordiantes)at each station i.e overall 50*64=3200 pts or just 50 pts. If you can send your data to my i.d, i will see what i can do about it.

L.H.MIN July 26, 2004 08:30

Re: 3D geometry drawing in gambit
Dear Mr. or Miss

From jounal file, It is very difficult to make gambit

3-D geometry, and easy to have error.

I recommend other solution, if you have many compuational domain to analysis.

Please, try to other CAD software like CATIA, PRO-E.

and convert them into neutal CAD file lke IGES or STEP.

You can read them in gambit software.

I think that you should modify the neutral file in gambit because of CAD conversion error.

But it's nothing compare to 3-D geomery creation in gambit.

Try it.

You save more time.

Best regards.

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