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Ed July 29, 2004 14:10

3D Wing Analysis
Hello All: I am trying to do an analysis of a 3D wing as a learning experience toward my ultimate goal of analysis of a complete aircraft. Here is how I am approaching the problem so far:

1) Create a wing in Gambit 2) Create a domain around the wing (basically just a big box, much much bigger than the wing) 3) Subtract the wing volume from the domain volume 4) ...

This is where I'm stuck. I keep trying to mesh this volume with different options and procedures, but I can't get a good mesh. I tried meshing the surface of the wing first, with a small interval size and then meshing the volume, but it wouldn't do it.

I'm a complete Fluent/Gambit virgin. I've gone through the tutorials that Fluent offers on their website, but that is about the extent of my knowledge. Does anyone know of a good online tutorial to accomplish what I'm trying here? It would be nice to have something to follow along for the first try. Thanks!

anindya July 30, 2004 02:34

Re: 3D Wing Analysis
This website should help you.

James Date July 30, 2004 06:00

Re: 3D Wing Analysis

Creating a good 3D mesh using Gambit around an aerofoil is quite a challenge. Your best bet is to create nice structured Hex blocks around the wing, only using Tet filled blocks in the difficult regions i.e the tip.

From experience doing a Boolean operation i.e. taking the wing away from a square block always produces a poor mesh.

Regards James

Ed August 3, 2004 17:05

Re: 3D Wing Analysis
So you would create some volumes around the leading edge and maybe the ends of the wing and fill them with tetrahedral elements, then mesh the area moving away from the wing with increasingly coarse hex elements?

I've got a mesh made right now (maybe not the best mesh that it could be, but at least something to start with). I'm wondering now what the best solver setup is to use for this sort of flow? I.e. coupled vs. segregated and what turbulence model. My analysis is at 35.7 m/s (80 mph) and sea level air. The chord length is .1 m, so it equates to Re~=245000. I've tried a few hundered iterations of different solver setups, but I can't seem to find one that comes even close to theoretical predictions for this test case.

Pavel August 17, 2004 14:01

Re: 3D Wing Analysis
Hi Ed.....

The solver and the viscous model depends directly of the precision in the analysis that you want.

What are you interested in ???

Just the forces in the wing ....Lift ? Drag....? or the pressure field in the wing ? ....

Or are you interested in the flow profile like the vortex, and induced drag ????

If you decide the level accuracy you can choose between k-epsilon and RSM for your analysis....

kartikkp April 30, 2009 14:00

hi ED and everyone!

I would love to see if there was some work accomplished on 3d Finite wings,
I am working on something similar to what you have done Ed!

Please help me

makaero April 30, 2009 15:29

Hi ED,

After subtracting the wing from domain...4)apply Size function 5)mesh wing faces
6)appply BL 7)mesh volume(cuboid)

these are the steps i followed...but im getting coarse mesh inorder to avoid highly skewed elements at trailing edge.
even i got struck at the same point with the flow analysis, tried many iterations with
models and solver.
if u get good result with fluent let me know.

sharensla April 1, 2010 14:11


wat shud be the boundary conditions in gambit for 3Dwing analysis??

kartikkp April 1, 2010 22:54

Please read my thesis work for details on boundary condition to be used in gambit and fluent

If u have any doubts you may email me at

sharensla April 3, 2010 03:28

thanks kartikkp, it will help me a lot.

hemant18 December 26, 2011 06:30

wing analysis using gambit..
hi to all....
i am doing the analysis of vortex generator on the aircraft wings......i am done with geometry in gambit but having problem in meshing,,,,i know how to mesh in 2d but dont know about 3d much there some who can help me ....thanx
my email id-

amirokhovat January 5, 2012 06:37

Why you don't use ansys workbench?
In ansys Workbench you can import geometry from Catia, Solidworks ,... .
then you can mesh with many option in mesh generator. Ansys workbench is better than Gambit and each software like gambit that aren't user friendly.

hemant18 January 6, 2012 04:19

really thanks for your suggestions....
but the problems is, i have to do it in CFD that is my project . if u can help me in CFD that would be really helpful.
thanks again amirokhovat !!

Mehdi.numérique July 26, 2014 05:12

I work on 3D airfoil in Gambit fluent but I have lot of problem on it, Can you help me please and send me your thesis at my Email :, because the link don't work for me !!

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