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Sijal Ahmed July 31, 2004 06:39

Capturing of GUI
I need help regarding how to capture the Graphical unser interfece window. i know how to recored the dispaly windows

Rob Hart July 31, 2004 16:08

Re: Capturing of GUI
use the "hardcopy" item on the file menu.

alternatively press "alt+printscreen" (if you are using windows) and then paste into paint, word, or another program of your choice.


Sijal Ahmed Memon August 1, 2004 03:10

Re: Capturing of GUI
i want to capture the GUI not jus the display window, whcih is showing the countours.

for example if we want to give boundary condition, then on clicking on boundary condtion fluent shows the dialogues box on which we can enter the value of BC i want to capture that window just like as given in fluent users guide

i hope i am clear in my question


Rob Hart August 1, 2004 04:46

Re: Capturing of GUI
What's wrong with "Alt+Printscreen"?

It's a standard part of windows that puts an image of the current window onto the clipboard that you can then paste into any program.

Or just "Printscreen" which does the whole screen.


Sijal Ahmed Memon August 2, 2004 04:53

Re: Capturing of GUI
Now i got ur point.

I will try and let u inform.

Thanks for u valuable time and suggestion.


Sijal Ahmed Memon August 7, 2004 14:28

Re: Capturing of GUI
it is not working

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