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michelle Nsahlai August 4, 2004 22:53

Help!!! New user!creating a grid .URGENT!!!!!
Please anyone know how i can create a grid in gambit and export it to the fluent interface using a unix computer. what is the difference between creating a grid for my geometry or creating a mesh. it is a simple geometry. a backward facing step, (rectangular obstacle) in a flow chmaber.

please call.

number (585)-275-5482


ap August 5, 2004 07:28

Re: Help!!! New user!creating a grid .URGENT!!!!!
Read GAMBIT manual.

Hi :)


Jason August 5, 2004 08:40

Re: Help!!! New user!creating a grid .URGENT!!!!!
I've heard of it being called a grid, but rarely, and it's the same thing as a mesh.

Reading the Gambit manual will get you going, but to be more specific, go through tutorials 1 & 2. You could skip 1 if you're in a rush, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're this new at gambit.

Hope this helps, and Good Luck :)


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